Author: thebear

Golf Rival

The Bear started playing Golf Rival several months ago. A natural question is, given the number of clubs and limited resources, which should you focus on to upgrade? I created a spreadsheet to attempt to answer that question. It is a variation of one I found online for Golf Clash. The spreadsheet calculates a weighed […]

Children’s and Family Movies

The Lion King (1994)Coco (2017)Princess Mononoke (1999)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)Wizard of Oz (1939)The Princess Bride (1987)Stand by Me (1986)The Sound of Music (1965)How to Train Your Dragon series (2010 to 2019)Finding Nemo (2003)Beauty and the Beast (1991)Aladdin (1982)The Incredibles (2004)The Iron Giant (1999)A Christmas Story (1983)E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)Toy Story series (1995 to 2019)Incredibles […]


The Bear loves whiskey, and drinks mainly bourbon and scotch. Rye is a recent addition to his world. This page lists some of The Bear’s favorite whiskeys, considering both taste and price. The prices will vary depending on your location and type of store. The first two numbers in each row are average customer ratings […]

White Wines

The Bear prefers red wine over white, but does drink white wine occasionally, mainly sauvignon blanc. Mamma Bear prefers pinot grigios and pinot gris. She has recently been turned on to Vinho Verdes. You can get a lot of good white wines of these varieties in the $8-15 range. So, this list focuses on lower […]