Frederick Forsyth

The Day of the Jackal              (1971)
The Odessa File                       (1972)
The Dogs of War                     (1974)
The Devil’s Alternative           (1979)
The Fourth Protocol                (1984)
The Negotiator                        (1989)
The Deceiver                            (1991)
Sharp Practice                         (1992)
The Fist of God                        (1994)
Icon                                           (1996)
The Phantom of Manhattan   (1999)
The Veteran                             (2001) Collection of five short stories.
Avenger                                    (2003)
The Afghan                              (2006)
The Cobra                                (2010)
The Kill List                              (2013)
The Fox                                    (2018) 

The Day of the Jackal             (1973)
The Odessa File                      (1974)
The Dogs of War                    (1974)
The Fourth Protocol               (1987)
Icon (TV movie)                      (2005)

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