Jeffery Deaver

Lincoln Rhyme series
The Bone Collector               (1997)
The Coffin Dancer                 (1998)
The Empty Chair                   (2000)
The Stone Monkey                (2002)
The Vanished Man                (2003)
The Twelfth Card                  (2005)
The Cold Moon                      (2006)
The Broken Window            (2008)
The Burning Wire                 (2010)
The Kill Room                        (2013)
The Skin Collector                 (2014)
The Steel Kiss                        (2016)
The Burial Hour                     (2017)
The Cutting Edge                  (2018)

Rune Trilogy
Manhattan Is My Beat           (1988)
Death of a Blue Movie Star   (1990)
Hard News                             (1991)

John Pellam (Location Scout series)
Shallow Graves                      (1992)
Bloody River Blues                (1993)
Hell’s Kitchen                         (2001)

Kathryn Dance series
The Sleeping Doll                  (2007)
Roadside Crosses                 (2009)
XO                                           (2012)
Solitude Creek                       (2015)

Colter Shaw series
The Never Game                   (2019)
The Goodbye Man                (2020)

James Bond
Carte Blanche                        (2011)

Standalone Books
Mistress of Justice                 (1992)
The Lesson of Her Death     (1993)
Praying for Sleep                  (1994)
A Maiden’s Grave                 (1995)
The Devil’s Teardrop            (1999)
Speaking in Tongues            (2000)
The Blue Nowhere                (2001)
Garden of Beasts                  (2004)
The Chopin Manuscript        (2008) (collaborative fiction)
The Bodies Left Behind        (2008)
Edge                                       (2010)
The October List                   (2013)

Dead Silence               (1997; TV movie based on A Maiden’s Grave) starring James Garner
The Bone Collector     (1999) starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie
The Devil’s Teardrop   (2010; TV movie) starring Tom Everett Scott

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