Lisa Gardner

Publication Order of Detective D.D. Warren Books
Alone                                                (2005)
Hide                                                  (2007)
The Neighbor                                  (2009)
Live to Tell                                       (2010)
Love You More                                (2011)
Catch Me                                         (2012)
Fear Nothing                                   (2014)
Find Her                                           (2016)
Look for Me                                     (2018)
The Guy Who Died Twice             (2019)
Never Tell                                         (2019)
When You See Me                          (2020)

Publication Order of Detective D.D. Warren Short Stories
The 7th Month                                (2012)
3 Truths and a Lie                           (2016)

Publication Order of Tessa Leoni Books
Love You More                                (2011)
Touch & Go                                      (2013)
Crash & Burn                                   (2015)

Publication Order of FBI Profiler Books
The Perfect Husband                      (1998)
The Third Victim                              (2001)
The Next Accident                           (2001)
The Killing Hour                               (2003)
Gone                                                  (2006)
Say Goodbye                                    (2008)
The 4th Man                                     (2017)
Right Behind You                             (2017)
When You See Me                           (2020)

Publication Order of Guiness Gang Books
Hiding Jessica                                   (1995)
The One Worth Waiting For           (1996)
The One Who Almost Got Away   (1996)

Publication Order of Maximillian’s Children Books
MacNamara’s Woman                     (1997)
Maggie’s Man                                   (1997)
Brandon’s Bride                               (1998)

Publication Order of Standalone Books
Walking After Midnight                   (1992)
Shadow’s Flame                              (1994)
Waking Nightmare                          (1994)
At the Midnight Hour                      (1995)
The Quiet One                                  (1996)
Partners in Crime                             (1998)
The Other Daughter                        (1999)
Marrying Mike… Again                    (2000)
The Survivors Club                          (2002)
I’d Kill for That                                  (2004)
When You See Me                           (2020)

At the Midnight Hour   (1995 TV Movie) starring Patsy Kensit
Instinct to Kill                (2001, based on The Perfect Husband) starring Mark Dacascos
The Survivors Club       (2004 TV Movie) starring Roma Downey, Jacqueline Bisset, and
                                                                                    Lauren Lee Smith
Hide                                (2011 TV Movie) starring Carla Gugino

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