Movies Disclaimer

The Bear has seen many movies, but there are thousands he has not seen. The lists of movies on this website are ones he has seen and thinks are worth watching. If there is a movie you love and is not in any of my lists, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
•   I have not seen it
•   I saw it, but did not love it (our tastes may differ)
•   It is an oversight

Categorizing and ranking movies is difficult. Many movies fit in multiple categories (e.g., dramas and comedies). I did my best to put the movies in the most appropriate categories, but admit that it is often arguable where they belong. Rankings within categories is subjective as well. I put them in a rough order of how well I enjoyed them, and you may rank them very differently, but each are ones I can recommend.

Feel free to email with suggestions for additions.

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