Neal Stephenson

The Big U                                                                                                 (1984)
Zodiac                                                                                                       (1988)
Snow Crash                                                                                             (1992)
Interface (with J. Frederick George; aka Stephen Bury)                     (1994)
The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer                   (1995)
The Cobweb (1996) with J. Frederick George (aka Stephen Bury)   (1996)
Cryptonomicon                                                                                        (1999)
Quicksilver, The Baroque Cycle Volume I                                             (2003)
The Confusion, The Baroque Cycle Volume II                                     (2004)
The System of the World, The Baroque Cycle Volume I                    (2004)
Anathem                                                                                                  (2008)
The Mongoliad (5 books)                                                                       (2010–2012)
Reamde                                                                                                    (2011)
Seveneves                                                                                                (2015)
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. (with Nicole Galland)                            (2017)
Fall; or, Dodge in Hell                                                                              (2019)

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