Nelson DeMille

John Sutter series
The Gold Coast                   (1990)
The Gate House                  (2008)

Paul Brenner series
The General’s Daughter     (1992)
Up Country                          (2002)
The Panther                         (2012)

John Corey series
Plum Island                          (1997)
The Lion’s Game                  (2000)
Night Fall                              (2004)
Wild Fire                               (2006)
The Lion                                (2010)
The Panther                         (2012)
Radiant Angel                      (2015)

Joe Ryker series
The Sniper                            (1974)
The Hammer of God            (1974)
The Agent of Death             (1975)
The Smack Man                   (1975)
The Cannibal                        (1975)
The Night of the Phoenix    (1975)

Standalone Books
The Quest                             (1975)
By the Rivers of Babylon    (1978)
Cathedral                              (1981)
The Talbot Odyssey             (1984)
Word of Honor                     (1985)
The Charm School               (1988)
Spencerville                          (1994)
Mayday                                 (1998)
The Cuban Affair                 (2017)
The Deserter                        (2019)

Movies Based on the Books
The General’s Daughter     (1999) starring John Travolta
Word of Honor                    (2003) starring Don Johnson
Mayday                                 (2005) starring Aidan Quinn

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