Zilch can be played with any number of players. You need 6 dice and a score pad.

Single die points:
A 1 on its own counts for 100 points and a 5 counts for 50 points.

When rolled together, the following points apply:
3 ones = 1000 points
3 twos = 200 points
3 threes = 300 points
3 fours = 400 points
3 fives = 500 points
3 sixes = 600 points
A straight (1 to 5 or 2 to 6) = 1000 points
3 pairs = 1000 points

The first player rolls six dice. One or more scoring dice must be pulled out and set aside on every roll. If the player cannot pull out any points, he “zilches” (scores no points) and his turn ends. If he can pull out some points, he can continue to roll the remaining dice. For example, if his roll is 2, 2, 2, 4, 5, 5, he can pull out one of the 5’s and roll the remaining 5 dice; or he can pull out both 5’s and roll the remaining 4 dice; or he can pull out the three twos and roll the remaining 3 dice. In this example, it makes the most sense to keep one 5 and roll the remaining 5 dice. Doing so gives the best chance to score a combination.

The player must get at least 500 points before he can start keeping score. If he does not get 500 points, he gets zilch for that round and passes the dice to the player on his left. If the player gets at least 500 points, he may continue rolling the dice. Or, he may stop, record his score, and pass the dice to the next player. It is his choice as to what to do.

As long as he can pull out some points, he may continue rolling the dice and accumulating points. If no score is made on a roll, the player zilches and all the accumulated points for that turn (but not from previous turns ) are lost. The more points you accumulate, the greater the risk in continuing to roll, so deciding whether to stop or continue is a strategic part of the game.

Once a player has recorded at least 500 points, he can stop during a round and record scores of at least 250 points.

If all six dice are used for scoring, the player can pick up all six dice and continue playing with all six dice again.

The winner is the first person who gets 10,000 points, but it must be exact.

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