White Wines

July 10, 2020

The Bear prefers red wine over white, but does drink white wine occasionally, mainly sauvignon blanc. Mamma Bear prefers pinot grigios and pinot gris. She has recently been turned on to Vinho Verdes. You can get a lot of good white wines of these varieties in the $8-15 range. So, this list focuses on lower cost wines that the Bear has tried and can recommend.

The first two numbers in each row are average customer ratings and the cost based on the Total Wine website.  When there were fewer than 6 reviews, I used the median to minimize the influence of outlier ratings.  When there were no reviews, I put in ?.?.  The list is for the most part sorted according to customer ratings and price, but The Bear imposed his own judgment at times.  The bolded wines are the Bear’s “go to” wines – ones he buys and stocks frequently.

Sauvignon Blanc
5.0 $8 Clifford Bay New Zealand Marlborough
4.7 $12 Prophecy New Zealand
4.7 $10 Sea Glass CA Santa Barbara
4.5 $8 Monkey Bay New Zealand Marlborough
4.5 $11 Josh Cellars CA Paso Robles
4.5 $12 Kim Crawford New Zealand Marlborough
4.4 $10 Kia Ora New Zealand Marlborough
4.4 $12 Crossings New Zealand Marlborough
4.3 $8 Nobilo New Zealand Marlborough
4.3 $8 Nobilo New Zealand Marlborough
4.1 $8 Cupcake New Zealand Marlborough

Pinot Grigio
5.0   $10   Josh Cellars   CA Paso Robles (based on only 1 review)
4.8     $9   Chateau Ste Michelle   WA Columbia Valley
4.8   $14   J Vineyards
4.6   $19   Tesoro Della Regina
4.5 $8   Ecco Domani
4.6     $9   Cupcake

Vinho Verde
4.5    $9  Nobilis  Portugal
4.4  $10  Caiu a Noite   Portugal
4.3  $10   Blanka   Portugal

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