The Espresso Martini

April 20, 2020

There are two types of espresso martinis, so you need to be careful when ordering at a bar or restaurant to make your preference clear.  One type uses Kahlua and cold espresso, which is The Bear’s preference.  The other is more like a mudslide, adding Irish cream (e.g. Bailey’s) and possibly Amaretto, which makes for a thicker and sweeter drink, resembling a milkshake.  Make sure your server understands which type you want.  If you simply order an “espresso martini”, you will most likely end up with the mudslide version.

Put ice in a martini glass and fill with cold water.  Let it sit while you make the drink (3-5 minutes) to chill the glass. Empty the martini glass when the drink is ready

Cold espresso
Kahlua or other coffee liquor

Mixing the drink:
Fill a shaker with ice cubes
Add a half shot of espresso
Add a half shot of Kahlua
Add 3 shots of vodka
Stir about 15 times (do not shake)
Strain into the martini glass.

Some like to add 2-3 espresso or coffee beans on top.

You can alter the ratio of ingredients to suit your taste. For a sweeter drink, increase the amount of Kahlua and decrease the amount of espresso. If you do not have espresso, you can use strong cold coffee.

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