The PB&J

April 20, 2020

The Bear was recently introduced to Skrewball, which is a peanut-butter-flavored whiskey.  It is very tasty, but is much too sweet for The Bear’s taste.  The Bear decided to cut the Skrewball with Jim Beam and called it a PB&J – PB for the peanut-butter flavor and J for Jim Beam.

I discovered afterwards, however, that the name “PB&J martini” is already in use, although no two recipes I can find are the same and the “J” refers to jelly rather than Jim Beam.  Most are vodka-based, rather than whiskey based, and use various fruit liquors.   I did find a combination of Skrewball and whiskey with the name “PB&J martini”, but the ratio of Skrewball to whiskey (2:1) is too high for The Bear’s taste.  He uses a 1:2 or a 1:3 ratio.

The drink can be served on the rocks or martini style.

Preparation for martini-style: 
Put ice in a martini glass and fill with cold water. Let it sit while you make the drink (3-5 minutes) to chill the glass. Empty the martini glass when the drink is ready.

Skrewball whiskey
Jim Beam (or other straight whiskey)

Mixing the drink:
Fill a shaker with ice cubes
Add two dashes of bitters
Add a shot of Skrewball
Add 2 shots of Jim Beam
Stir about 15 times (do not shake)
Strain into the martini glass.

No garnish is needed.

The Bear often serves this drink in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks.  Just mix the ingredients over ice in the glass and stir.

You can alter the ratio of Skrewball to whiskey to suit your taste.

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